Are U Ready... surviving small business disaster


Are U Ready…surviving small business disaster – a book written to help small business owners better understand, plan for and recover from disasters.

The Authors (Anthony M Turner and Sandra D Slatter) worked for 4 years in the aftermath of Victoria’s 2009 Black Saturday bush-fires.

During that time they (Sandra & Anthony) witnessed the devastating impact disaster creates on individuals, businesses and communities.

They realised how ill-prepared these people (and they were) at that time and decided to write this book with an aim of making recovery easier in the future.

Their job was made hard due to the lack of pragmatic resources designed for small business at that time. So, they created them on the run and decided to collate best of them into this book..Are U Ready…surviving small business disaster.

Researching and writing the book clearly showed there are 3 common disaster categories small businesses face;

Natural disasters – earthquake, bushfire, flood, storm and weather related events – around 20% of disaster impacts.

Man-made events – sabotage, robbery, cyber-crime, arson or similar events – another 20% of disaster impacts.

Accident/Illness – chronic health issues, workplace accidents or other health based events that keep people out of their businesses for prolonged periods – around 60% of all disaster impacts.

The unique insights provided in Are U Ready…surviving small business disaster covers;

  • the emotional impact of disaster/trauma
  • how planning/preparation speeds up recovery
  • key elements of response & recovery post disaster
  • and provides tools, templates and links to pragmatic resources

Are U Ready…small business disaster is a proud winner of the 2014 State and National Resilient Australia Awards