Are U Ready... surviving small business disaster


Are U Ready…surviving small business disaster is a book written in response to the lack of materials that have been available to help small business owners understand, plan for and recover from disasters.

Whilst many may think this book relates solely to natural disasters, they would be wrong. The Authors (Anthony M Turner and Sandra D Slatter) have deliberately looked at the 3 most common disaster categories small businesses face and provide simple/effective tools to help minimise their impact.

These 3 common disaster areas are;

Natural – earthquake, bushfire, flood, storm and other weather related events which account for approximately 20% of all disaster impacts

Man-made – sabotage, robbery, cyber-crime and similar events which also account for approximately 20% of all disaster impacts

Accident/Illness – chronic health issues, workplace accidents and other health events that can keep people away from their businesses for prolonged periods which account for approximately 60% of all disaster impacts

The Authors also provide unique insights into the many emotional impacts of disaster/trauma along with key information to help identify and/or negate their impact.